Celebrating heritage is one way to add some individuality to your wedding day.  My husband and I shared Scottish tradition, he donning a Black Watch kilt and my bouquet wrapped in my family tartan.  Celebrating African heritage is something like the Scottish thing in the sense certain patterns represent a particular clan or tribe. If you're already incorporating Afro-chic into your everyday look via jewelry and prints you probably have some knowledge of the background of Afrocentric dressing.  The gowns here are by New York designer, Cassandra Broomfield, who has brought Afrocentric dressing into the bridal and gala arena.  I've been watching this designer's work for some time.  Broomfield's gowns  while ethnic still keep all the fine charachteristics of couture and modern dressing in place. Her trademarks are her use of patchwork and cowry shells, a tribute not only to her cultural heritage but her unique style that sets her work apart.