Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I took one look at these vintage inspired dresses by Peppermint Pretty and knew they'd bring a real sense of joy and fun to a wedding.  White dresses with red accents remind us of the colors of Valentine's Day, a day of which had its inception in Victoriana.  With the pert derbies perched aside the head, Peppermint Pretty does have a rare and interesting mix of something Victoriana, a dash of 1940s Pin up as well as some real modern chic.  This is definitely a look for girls who really want to show curves and paint their wedding bold.


Sarah Bowles said...

fablous! love the dress, really nice vintage style.. this dress would suit the curvy bride we're photographing in October. I'm going to send here your link!

Elk said...

I love the second last one with its fluffy (but not silly) skirt