Monday, May 3, 2010


Years ago I wrote a short story about a real estate agent who had her Old English sheepdog accompany her down the aisle because her father and uncles were stuck in storm-ridden Minneapolis on her wedding day. What would have seemed gauche or even the stuff of fiction 20 years back is becoming common, that is, including your canine in the festivities. Considering how many couples share their lives with a pet, why leave Fido out of all the hoop-la? And unless your baby has behavioral issues, you can plan a fashionable appearance as well as an assigned role for your canine. For instance, it's become chic to have your dog walk down the aisle--in full formalwear if you like--as a ring bearer. A pillow is strapped to the dog's back with the rings secured on it. Usually another member of the wedding party accompanies the dog on a leash. Another idea that's caught on is the doggie flower girl or a whole pack of them if you want, wearing either a tutu or floral collar. Floral collars can be done up by a florist to work in tandem with the rest of the bouquets and arrangements. A big festive bow will also work in coordinating colors.

Ring Bearing dog with pillow available through Glamour Dog

Finding dog-friendly venues might be a challenge. I'd say having an outside affair works best. Come reception time you might want to designate a special zone for dogs and their guests. Some couples are even finding dog sitters who will corral and keep the dogs occupied.   Find out beforehand what policy your venue has for dogs as guests.

Above: Ellen and Portia's wedding day included their two dogs
Who in their right mind would keep the little guy above home on such an important day?  I know some venues post big signs that say NO DOGS but times are changing, albeit, slowly but changing nevertheless. 
Believe it or not there are dresses and suits out there just for dogs. 
This tux is perfect for a ring bearing dog available through Glamour Dog.


Denise Woods said...

That is what I call adorable!

Cyn said...

I wish I could strut my mutt. He is still a puppy and just so hyper and playful. He can't stay still for 2 seconds. He loves following people around and I'm afraid he will get stepped on. :(

Ireland said...

So cute, love the idea of sharing the day with everything you love.