Gown by sustainable designer, Deborah Lindquist

Who says the “green” movement is limited to ventures in energy and transportation? According to Florita Sheldon, founder of the Green Wedding Tour, "The movement is so much bigger than that. It’s big enough to incorporate eco-friendly products and services into our daily lives and celebrations."   If you live in SoCal you can catch the Green Wedding Tour May 8 and 9 at Hotel Seven 4 One in Laguna Beach. Created to showcase environmentally friendly ways of celebrating. the Green Wedding Tour shows the choices a bride can make to go green are extensive: beautiful dresses and sleek menswear made out of sustainable fabrics like organic cotton, linen and coffee, eco-friendly chauffeur services, chemical-free organic catering, cake and wine, eco-friendly florists, recyclable and conflict-free jewelry, gorgeous and chic venues, and also earth mindful gifts that are both homey and cutting-edge. These are just a few of the things you can look forward to at the Green Wedding Tour.

Chic and Green

Who better than Abby Larson, founder of Style Me Pretty could have whipped up this board perfect for today's green chic topic?  Thanks Abby!

Florita adds, "It’s important for people to realize that being green can be exceptionally elegant. In fact, the transition to having a green wedding is almost seamless, requiring little changes to the norm that can ultimately trickle down into our daily habits. The Green Wedding Tour experience reveals the simplicity in switching to green, and the local resources available to do so."
The GWT is scheduled to travel nationally to various metro areas.  Next stop in August is San Francisco where Yours Truly will be showing some of her new cotton and hemp dresses.  Below is a listing of designers who will be in Laguna Beach this weekend . . .

 May 9th Fashion Show

Jessica Iverson
Lindee Puridee Designs
Adele Wechsler
Deborah Lindquist
Conscious Clothing Hemp Bridal and Men's Suits
Pure by Justin Alexander
Jessica Iverson

Bridal Salons May 9th Fashion Show
Mon Amie