Photo By S1 Studio

There's a wide range of novelty belts, bows, sashes, trims and ribbons introduced into bridalwear lately. Until the 1980s, bridal was a field of little experimentation and typically a bridal gown was pretty but looked somwhat the same as the next gown. If you were a modernist and wanted to express yourself in a suit instead of an A-line, forget finding what you wanted on the racks. Besides, your mom might have freaked out at the prospect. All that's been relaxed thanks to a generation of designers and brides daring to go their own way. By way of ribbons, trims and sashes, designers have introduced color and different textures into the mix . The above gown is sashed in back with silk gauze, a fabric so light, it could be mistaken for angel wings.

Touches of the spectrum here. Blues and peaches merge to make up a tie-belt cincing the waist of a full skirt . . .
The best example of a self belt (means made out of the same fabric as the dress). Georgette linen and striped ribbon combine to make up this belt punctuated with a fabric rose.

Gown by Amy-Jo Tatum

Above and below images of The APRIL dress from the Dioresque Collection. Gray satin tie belt is embellished in front by a fabric rose. Ties in the back falling the length of the dress . . .

Amy-Jo Tatum Bridal
Gown by Amy-Jo Tatum
A photo of my own wedding gown above shows that I put all the bells and whistles on one dress (and actually got away with it, I think). It had a 5 inch sash doubling around the waist and tying into a side-front bow. Pinned to the sash was a giant silk floral and tassel tie. The shoulder was embellished with handrolled silk dupion florals.