Friday, April 23, 2010


Left: In Adrian Gown                           Right: Woman of the Year
One word comes to mind when we think of Katherine Hepburn: Strong.  Because that dynamic persona eclipsed her astute fashion sense, this Hepburn usually rates second billing to Givenchy's muse and mannequin, Audrey Hepburn.  Make no mistake, Kate Hepburn was and still is a fashion icon.  She set her own personal style on and off screen. Wearing pants and bringing sportswear  into the everyday fashion arena for women was the biggest trend she pioneered.   Her basic Kate Hepburn look was made up of  wide legged pants, a button down shirt with tailored jacket and a chic pair of loafers  Despite that masculine style she created, she  kept her wavy, long locks, slim figure and femininity in tact, making her all the more glam and truly, KATE.

Her roles had her wearing sportswear out on the golf course while her at home and evening- chic were the ultra-fem confections of Hollywood designers like Adrian and Howard Greer.  Hepburn's wardrobe in Bringing Up Baby and The Philadelphia Story could  indeed inpire some delectable bridal wear.

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Bling and Blog said...

Amy Jo- I have been searching for that photo of Kate and Spence, from "Woman of the Year." I love the long sleeves! I know they are not "in" anymore, but I love them anyway.

Thanks for the great post,

Sherri Kardell