Monday, October 5, 2009


I've been anticipating this shoot all summer long. When photographer Shelah Osbrink and Robin Bourbannis of Sweet Light Studios invited me to participate in this project I was elated. Between all my fittings and deadlines I packed up some of my new gowns and joined the group of pros scheduled to shoot at San Francisco City Hall. Shelah and Robin researched the possibility of shooting at City Hall last Spring by touring and studying the light at different times of day. Both fell in love with the majesty of this place that totally lends itself to the splendor of any wedding--formal or informal. On any given week day you'll find several weddings going on at once here, mostly casual but some with brides all decked out going full formal.

Above: Shelah Osbrink giving models instruction

Below: Makeup artist Christal Saville touching up model Jocelyn Largent's lip line . . .

Luckily along with the assembled group of professionals was Terrance Taylor of SE PHOTOGRAPHY & Imaging who took all the photos in this post including the behind the scenes gems seen here.
Check back for more images I'll be adding to this which will eventually be seen as the editorial, Grand Entrance Brides.


M said...

What a beautiful place for a wedding! Tragically enough, there are a lot of formal weddings at the NYC City Hall as well, but the building (at least the interior) looks disgusting!

Anonymous said...

so lovely. i like the roses bouquet on the first pic

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Couture Carrie said...

So gorgeous!!


Ash Fox said...

these photos are stunning. i love the way the bouquet adds a punch of color and compliments the model's eyes.