What to expect when you're expecting?  Some of my brides have combined two important transitions in life all at once--wife and mother. If perchance you are or suddenly find you're expecting, brace yourself--there are some absolutely gorgeous gowns out there specially designed for moms-in-waiting as well as those empire-waisted gems in just about every designer line. I think you'll find these would complement those with rounded tummies. Thank God us designers are finally heeding the call for stylish gowns geared to the expectant ranging from the most traditional to total ‘edge’.
BTW: Maternity dresses are designed with a growing tummy in mind and are cut several inches longer in front.  That means all those great little empires and tents coming off the runway lately won't really work unless you'll be less than five months along in your pregnancy. 
Photo 2 by Smoot Photo///Photo 5 by Lirette Photography