Thursday, January 11, 2018


Check out SABRINA, a perennial fave for brides who want a convertible look--a formal one for the ceremony and a long, lean elegance for celebration. This is a blush antique satin sheath with a white Chantilly lace bodice.  The multi-layered tulle over skirt is a hook on/off adding a true romantic look.  Wear it as a fitted sheath and ball gown all at once.  This particular piece was inspired by the original Sabrina--yes, the fictional one played so beautifully by Audrey Hepburn in the 1954 film of the same name. If you remember the scene where she shows up at the party in a number she describes as "yards of skirt and way off the shoulder . . . " This dress is as lovely inside as out, lined in soft China silk ith buttons all the way up the back.  


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