Since the 1920s, picture hats have been traditional for spring and summer weddings. Wide brims come in various materials like straw, horsehair, sisal, and felt, some swathed in netting and organza.  Picture hats top off vintage looks evoking Jazz Age garden parties to Mid-Century Dior and even the funky 1970s when the floppy-brimmed hats were all the rage.  Whatever look you want to create with this style, here are a few things to consider: By all means, wear your picture hat for the ceremony. Come reception time you may want to remove it when you’re receiving guests.  Unless your hat is made out of that bendy horsehair with lots of give, when you reach out to hug and kiss people, the hat might fall off or scrape someone.  Picture hats pair up nicely with nearly all silhouettes, especially ball gowns.  The wide brim balances the volume of the skirt.

Photos by Photo Chic