Do you have a special heirloom or vintage piece you've always wanted to wear?  Like that headpiece or hat of your grandmother's?  What better time and place to work it into your look than your wedding day?  The images here feature pieces I consider vintage-- things reclaimed and given to me over the years that we use in the shop or in our shoots.  Remember, every piece has its own story and usually a significance beyond the ordinary.
 Above: The head piece here hails from the 1950s.  One of my husband's friends gave it to me because she knew I was a bridal designer and might be able to use it to compliment some of my gowns.  Encrusted with lace and beading, it's redolent of  the cloche Grace Kelly wore in her very grand and traditional 1956 wedding. Below: When my friend Laura downsized her home she had to part with some incredibly beautiful stuff from her mother's collection of 50s-60s chic.  The beaded and cropped top here is decidedly a keepsake from this era.  Paired up with a full tulle skirt it's absolutely gorg . . . . .

Above: Have a piece of heirloom jewelry? Earrings, cameo, or necklace? This of all days is the time to honor your relative or friend by wearing it.