Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Photography . . . . . . Pixaimage Photography
Veils and gowns . . . . .Amy-Jo Tatum
Makeup . . . . . . . . . Necia Whitmore
Hair. . . . . . . . . Kao Vey Salon
Models . . . .. .. . . .Janelle Mills and Libby Gale
Venue . . . . . . . . .San Domenico, San Anselmo, California

It seems classic veils are suddenly taking the spotlight once again but they've always been a staple of  bridal fashion. We wanted to  capture the essence of the traditional bride in all her romantic and time-honored splendor.   From the ethereal beauty of the drop veil to the small tulle head pouf, here is the veil collection . . . . 



Sheila said...

Words fail me to describe the magnificence of these lovely pictures. But here are some words I will try – beautiful, elegant, romantic.
It so good to see you say, “classic veils are suddenly taking the spotlight once again”
Amy-Jo, you have the marvelous ability to design lovely gowns for every type of bridal taste. It seems you have the same ability (if not a greater ability) when it comes to designing veils.
And the long gloves worn by most of the brides in these pictures add even more elegance.
Thank you, Amy-Jo for sharing these pictures.

Anonymous said...

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