Monday, April 11, 2016


Love wide brimmed hats?  Did you know the picture hat is the most classic for daytime formals which definitely includes a wedding?    Typically constructed out of straw or horsehair, these elegant hats are sometimes swathed in netting and organza.  Picture hats conjure up images of croquet parties at Jay Gatsby’s and all those 1930s movies situated in garden party chic.  Evoking an edgier image is the wool felt picture hat synonymous with women in Irving Penn photos of the 1950s.  Whatever look you want to create with this style, here are some things to consider when wearing it.  Go ahead and put on your picture hat for the ceremony.  Just do yourself a favor at the reception and take it off when you’re receiving guests.  Unless your hat is made out of that bendy sort of horsehair with lots of give, when you reach out to hug and kiss people the hat will either fall off or scrape someone.  Picture hats go great with most silhouettes, especially ball gowns.  The wide brim balances the volume in the skirt. 
 Picture hats by Amy-Jo Tatum
Photos 2 and 3 by Bride Chic
Photo 4 by Greystar Pictures


Sheila said...

"Picture Perfect" indeed! They are all just so beautiful, and any one of these lovely hats would add so much to any bride's wedding. Perhaps my favorite is the second hat, especially (as you suggest) with a ball gown

Sheila said...

I keep imagining what the beautiful bare-shouldered gown worn by the bride in the second picture looks like. It must be truly magnificent! Huge skirt with train?

amitsood said...

love it!!!
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