Wednesday, February 24, 2016


If you love the look of veiling but want to go for something other than traditional tulle by all means do so.  Gorgeous, yes, tulle aka illusion is the most widely used material designers go for when creating the look that tops you off on your wedding day.  Looking into  the varied fabrics take into mind most veiling materials are light and either drape or have that lightweight loft that poufs on certain veils There are similar fabrics denser as well as more open in the way of netting or weave that create a whole different 'veiled' look.  Here are a few options:
SILK GAUZE OR CHIFFON- Go for single layer veils in gauze or chiffon. The reason is most chiffons are opaque and the yardage has a certain drape and spread to it that's ideal for longer veils like the beauty above that is tacked to the back of the bride's hair . . . .By special order through Amy-Jo Tatum

CUT VELVET is backed on drapey chiffon creating a drape extension from a toque wrapped in the same fabric.

LACE--Seriously, let's look at some lace.  Did you know that between the motifs and floral patterns of lace lies a soft netting base like that of tulle?  An allover lace veil will work as either a mantilla or a wrap of lace fashioned into a type of cloche veil like the one above as long as it is fairly light weight.  By special order throughAmy-Jo Tatum

FRENCH AND RUSSIAN NETTING--Both have larger holes producing a wider netting but French netting is softer to the touch. Pictured above is Russian netting which is a stiffer version. Though used mostly for shortie veils, I've seen it pieced in length to create longer versions

(only comes 9 and 18" wide)

ORGANZA-Lightweight but loftier opaque fabric ideal for veils.  Works best as a single layer, especially embroidered organza. The above photo shows a poufed organza veil . . . .

Header Photo by  Zlata Modeen Photography//Veil by  Deb Shops
Photo 1: Pixamage//veil by Amy-Jo Tatum
Photo 2: Henly Photography//veil by Amy-Jo Tatum
Photo 3: Pixamage//veil by Amy-Jo Tatum
Photo 5:  Zlata Modeen Photography//Veil by  Deb Shops


fzillion said...

yes i really like this dress. It is appropriate for a prom and if i wear it then will look good in it.

white lace dress

Ashley said...

Beautiful photography!

Sheila said...

The long veil in the second picture is so beautiful and so romantic.

Rachel said...

Wedding gowns with lace work and flowery self-print always look gorgeous. Loved the other designs with french look as well.