Thursday, April 16, 2015


For the bride who is romantic at heart, this dress can go storybook chic or Dioresque easily. You're not going to believe this but The Rose of Sharon Dress has been in my collection for about 15 years (see the oldies here and here).  That's right--when something's a classic it can endure the years.  Though this is still the same strapless sheath with a full tulle over skirt that hooks on and off, I've made some modifications over the years in adornments and fabric.  The original design was a sheath made out of dupioni silk and the overskirt had tiny little roses dappled all over it.  The newer version was created especially for The Bouffant Collection so the fabric for the sheath is more of a medium weight taffeta.  The over skirt is yards of tulle sans the scattered teeny flowers. A cluster of silk roses, ivy and an embroidered taffeta sash ornament the back skirt.  I love both versions.
Designing Rose of Sharon was pure joy because it has so much drama going on.  It starts out simple enough with a silk taffeta strapless sheath (think Grace, Audrey and Jackie)  Add yards and multi- layers of tulle over skirt and this dress goes ultra romantic!  The bodice is fully boned and the back has covered buttons.   So many small details make this dress a work of art  . . . . .
 Photos by Shona Nystrom of Studio 7Teen


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