Are you perchance considering some shade of gray for your wedding dress or maybe your bridesmaid dresses?  As a neutral gray can be the perfect color for some and I think it's taken a long time for a lot of us to warm up to this icy shade. Why?  Perhaps it's the association to dull weather and depression for hundreds of years that's given it a less than stellar wrap.  That's all changing thanks to designers the world over who are introducing it more and more in collections.  I see a lot of it coming up in interior design as well--so if you love it fell free to surround yourself in every shade and texture of gray that your little heart desires . .  
Photo 1: Pewter silk organza hourglass evening dress by Joanne Fleming Design
Photos 2,3 and 4 clockwise: Gray Metallic Dress by Elie Saab//Gray cluster lace cloche via Pinterest/Gray metallic embroidered organza by Marchesa
Photo 5: Gray and silver sequined silk organza dress via Pinterest
Photos 6,7 and 8 clockwise: Sequined dress with bow via Pinterest//Sequined cloche hat by Ralph Lauren via Tumblr//Christian Loubotin boots with fur
Photo 9: Purse by Louis Vuitton
Photos 10 and 11: Gray lace dress by Alexis Mabille//Gray glitter horsehair ruffled dress by Talbot Runhof