Tuesday, June 11, 2013


There's nothing as basic as a great strand of pearls.  The staple accessory of traditional bridal wear, pearls can stay basic and pretty or you can really pile the strands on to vogue-up a look like the great Coco Chanel did.   As you can see below designers are getting creative with utilizing, designing, showing off pearls in all their glory.   If you're considering going with pearls on your wedding day, the important thing to remember is-- whether it's a strand, a pair of earrings or bracelet--experiment.  Getting the right look is all about personal choice and working out the proportions you like. 

Top Photo: Dress and accessories by Amy-Jo Tatum
Photo 2: via Tumblr
Photo 3: Necklace by Gianfranco Ferré @ Milan Spring 2004 via Tumblr
Photo 4: via Pinterest


Fabrizia Spinelli said...

This is such a nice post, I enjoyed it a lot!
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margaret cruzemark said...

I love this non white, simple lace and pearls combination. I think you are changing the idea i had in my head about marriage.
Miss Margaret Cruzemark

Unknown said...

Absolutely love the last dress!



Isabel Bianchi said...

I´m not very fon of pearls, I don´t know why... Maybe because I find them too classic, or posh... But I do like how they look like in pictures 2 and 4! I might give them an opportunity!
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Bellenza Wedding Bistro said...

Years ago, I had heard that pearls were "bad luck" for a bride to wear since they symbolize tears. Oh well, I don't care...they look lovely and classic!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Amy-Jo! Pearls are timeless, undeniably chic and so versatile, whether going for a more traditional and classic feel or to add some unexpected zing to a modern look.

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