Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Laura Ashley 1980s
While Jessica McClintock revived the Prairie Gown with her Gunne Sax line in the 1970s, the more haute couture versions of Prairie and vintage looks came to us through the stunning creations of  British designer, Laura Ashley.  She used finer imported cottons and voiles and in the images above and below we can see perfect examples of this look at it's best.  Vintage elements were really brought out in the accessories like the straw hat and crochet gloves below. 
Laura Ashley 1986


Kristy said...

I loved Laura Ashley designs. Back in the day I did my bedroom in Laura Ashley comforter, sheets matching pillows, etc. One of my all time favorites!

In the late 70's /early eighties I also wore a Gunne Sax dress to a prom.

Unknown said...

I was a Laura Ashley fan way back when! What happened to her?

always, koru kate

Hanz said...

really pretty!

Ashley said...

WOW! I loved Laura Ashley growing up