Thursday, April 25, 2013


 I'm wowed by anything shirred.  in case you're wondering shirring is an application made up of  pleats or gathers running either horizontally or vertical. Lately we're seeing shirring mostly on bodices.  This shirring over lace is hot right now in bridal and evening wear, especially with tulle, chiffon or any transparent fabric forming soft folds.
Dresses by Amy-Jo Tatum
Header Photo by Bryan John Hendon/Gold Dress by Divine Elegance
Photo 3 by Bride Chic


A Very Sweet Blog said...

I'm loving your blog post title! HaHa These gowns are gorgeous. Love this look!

miss b said...

You definitely chose the perfect title for your post! All gorgeous particularly the dreamy last one.

Lilli said...

Shirred gowns are gorgeous! Loving the last one! xo

Bellenza Wedding Bistro said...

Haven't heard (or seen) the word "shirr" in ages! Such a gorgeous comeback!

Style, via Tia said...

I love the first grown that color oh my fabo!

Sam said...

The first dress stole my heart, LurV!

Kristy said...

I'm loving the last dress! So BEAUTIFUL!!

MOSAMUSE said...

love the yellow one!

Ashley said...

wOw! Beautiful

StyleIDnet said...

Nice, thanks for the info, I've seen it before but didn't know the name.
Great technique. I looks very pretty.

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