Friday, May 20, 2011


The mantilla originated in the warmer climates of Spain circa 1700. Lace versions were chic through the 17th and 18th centuries and you can find them in portraits by Velazquez and Goya. By the 19th century, Queen Isabel II encouraged wearing the mantilla. However, after her death the fashion for wearing them died down and by 1900 they were reserved only for special events like Holy week, weddings and funerals.
Defined, the mantilla is usually cut on a circle of lace or tulle and bordered with lace trim around the edges. The traditional mantilla, originating as the Spanish mantilla, is oval shaped and worn at the top of the head, held onto the head with pins or attached to a head piece. This one above is stunning made out of Chantilly lace  . . . .


Robbin Montero said...

I had a bride wear a mantilla several years, it was stunning! I am of Spanish decent and feel right at home!

Robbin Moontero
A Dream Wedding

wedding video said...

Cool photograph and impressive one to share on facebook.