Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Redheads come in all shades: auburn,, ginger, cinnamon, chestnut, henna, strawberry blond, carrot top.  Hair is not all that characterizes the real redhead though.  Fair, sometimes alabaster skin with a peach undertone and freckles are all hallmark of the quintessential celtic beauty, marking shades like ivory, peach and eggshell a redhead's best pick.  Why are these yellow tones best for you?  Your complexion is most likely fair and pale ergo most whites and stark whites will wash out your complexion. On the other hand, ivory and eggshell tones will warm up skin tone and once they're put on do seem to belong to redheads exclusively. Silk whites--which is to say off or muted whites like the shade in the header photo and last photos below can work for the bride with red hair as long as they stay matte or muted . . .
Left: top and bottom photo
Right photo