More likely to be found in an exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, I don't think you'll find these gems in your favorite designer's flagship store.  Believe me, this medley of paper dresses are indeed works of art that have my undivided attention.  Art to Wear exhibits can be truly fascinating; the spectrum of ideas you'll find will amaze and inspire you to be a little bold and get you thinking outside the box on your wedding day  The above work with the model flaunting layers and tiers of newsprint was photographed by Stephen M Loban
Paper or plastic?  We know what photographer Adri Krisnadi asked for.  This tour de force strapless and belted number out of brown paper shopping bags is pure innovation.

Wardrobe stylist Jennifer Lynn of Anomalous Designs hand-created each and every one of these incredible newsprint dresses above and below. Her understanding of cutting edge fashion fused with her application and technical  skill of producing these works of art is amazing.