Thursday, August 6, 2009


Forgotten Fairy Tales


Albeit, these are a far cry from mom or grandmom's wedding portraits taken in Wanamaker's back in 1950. Since brides are breaking tradition on all fronts, why not with the famous wedding portrait? Just think of what your grandchildren will make of it. 'Grandmom was married way back in the 'artsy fartsy age' when everyone was going crazy experimenting with digital'. While not quite in the spirit of 'trash the dress' sessions, I find these images provacative and original. Have fun figuring out your own theme. Your wedding photographer will be challenged as well as inspired by your sense of boldness . . .

Michelle Monique

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Elk said...

Oh these are fun, I love the Marie Antoinette couch shot and the one above it looks very nice though with a touch of sadness to it I think (or should that be poignancy – a less rough word to use for a wedding)
And by the way yes that was my own dining creation, I usually prefer to just throw things together that take my fancy then follow any receipes