Friday, August 7, 2009


Raimon Bundo

Jenny Packham

Florals aren't exactly a new and radical concept in bridal wear but oh la la! they sure are and ever will be pure romantics. And just look what options and diversity a designer has when it comes to planting them in collections.

Florals can decorate an entire bodice and skirt, adorn a hemline or be a small a suble accent on a belt or shoulder.

Alexis Mabille
I'm always intrigued by embossed florals on fabrics like the Mabille dress above.
One of my favorite looks is the classic Gatsbyesque white picture hat. This 1998 Frank Olive ad for Nordstrom is a study in pure design sporting a bit of Audrey Hepburn.

Another find from Martha Stewart Weddings 1998 is the Dioresque look of a floral festooned 5- inch ribbon sash. It came complete with DIY instructions.


A "cheery" disposition said...

such lovely, and dreamy photos.

Bridal Thank You Phrases said...

I love Jenny Packham.
Thanks for sharing.

nina said...

The idea of a gold wedding dress is just....fabulous! :-)

anna and the ring said...

Um simply fabulous. I really want to wear black gloves with my wedding dress now!