Friday, March 13, 2009


sourceHollywood designers and the actresses who wore their creations influenced the way we look at weddings and fashion today. This gown is a work of art and stellar representative of its time. What could be more 1930s than Robert Kalloch's creation for Claudette Colbert in It Happened One Night? The body-hugging bias cut was still a new, even radical concept in 1934, especially for a wedding gown. During this golden era, it was not Paris anymore as much as Hollywood that decreed fashion. This simple satin gown with florals surrounding the neckline could be found today in a few designer collections. The look has become timeless. Attached to the cap head piece you'll see miles of chiffon netting, a light and airy fabric the designer chose because in this story, Colbert needs to become the runaway bride once she decides Clark Gable is the one. As she runs, the veil, long as it is, lifts and floats beautifully off the ground to produce a kind of 'bride in flight' look. READ MORE . . . .

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Truly Engaging said...

Beautiful gown and I love the floral neckline. You're inspiring me to put
this movie into my netflix queue!