Its no secret, lately I’m in love with cotton. Most of us associate it with everyday wear. From durable work clothes to delicate casuals, PC Cotton Council ads hype how hip it is to step into good old versatile cotton. Since cotton is the ultimate in laid-back casual these days, we rarely think of it in terms of bridal wear. Think again. Especially about organdy and swiss cotton. “Melissa” here is a fine example of what you can do with 4 yards of imported eyelet batiste. The formal bouffant silhouette in an easy fabric makes the perfect summer wedding dress. And did you know first-rate cottons like these have always been a stylish option for summer brides and garden weddings? They lend themselves well to the once popular daytime formal garden reception —the kind Audrey Hepburn would have attended. I’ve added 5 cotton pieces to the collection recently and more ideas for next year keep dancing around in my head.

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Inspiration for this dress came from a variety of sources. Mostly all those Vogue and Butterick patterns lying around the house when I was growing up that had images of bouffant dresses. Yes, in the early sixties this style was really hot and women even wore it grocery shopping. If you don't believe me just check out any episode of Perry Mason . . .

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