Today is a tribute to Irene Castle. The EDYTA Dress, just off the worktable, is inspired by the early 20th-Century ballroom dancer Irene Castle who strutting alongside her tall and sinewy partner Vernon, popularized The Cakewalk and Foxtrot.  She set the fashion as well as dance trends in the period before, during, and after World War I. Fashionwise, she's known most notably for ditching her long locks for what became known as "The Castle Bob".  
 I personally love the way Irene wore the designs of madame Lanvin, a Parisian milliner turned designer. This confection of mine is also inspired in part by Lanvin. EDYTA  is made up of a layer of tulle over ecru Chantilly lace.  Handmade florals are dappled throughout the skirt and flounce on the bodice.  Price on request–available via Amy Jo Tatum Bridal Couture

Header Photo Credits: Vernon and Irene via Brittanica