Like Ive always said, lace and bridal wear are synonymous and go hand in hand.  Today's post is all about inspiration and finding that particular lace look you so love.  Lace as we know it evokes images of woven florals and scalloped edges on flounced skirts and collars. Though these time-honored looks will always be with us, lately we’re seeing new spins on the use of lace in bridal wear. Not only are the traditionals like Alencon and Chantilly now used in cutting-edge ways, new inventions in knit and revivals in cotton and crocheted laces are showing up. Some of it is being used discreetly on no more than a sleeve or yoke while the high drama of donning all over lace from collar to hemline is chic as well.

White Chantilly lace tea gown: Amy-Jo Tatum//Array of crocheted laces via Pinterest///Ecru Chantilly lace blouse via Amy Jo Tatum///Chantilly lace bodice on a mannequin with head wreath via Bride Chic///Ecru laces via The Feathered Nest///Bride in Mantilla Veil with Chantilly Lace Border via Amy Jo Tatum--Photo by Pixamage///Venice lace bustier via Amy-Jo Tatum//Venice lace yardage via Pinterest///3 lengths antique French handmade bobbin lace via Pinterest///Chantilly lace bodice via Amy-Jo Tatum/// Chantilly lace bodice with satin belt and handmade floral via Amy Jo Tatum/// Potpourri of laces via Artisan Vintage Blogger//Chantilly lace tea gown via Amy Jo Tatum