The 1970s. Considered by some fashion critics as a dry period in chic, there were indeed pockets of creativity. While the world exploded politically and socially in the 1960s, bridal fashion stayed pretty much restricted and traditional through the early to mid-70s.  On the other hand, the seventies era is known primarily for a wild and off-beat chic that sometimes made its way into bridal wear.   Thanks to some savvy designers, the funk was fine-tuned into high fashion.  For me, this era was politically charged enough to invariably spill over into haute couture. 
Photo 1: 1975 Lace Wedding Dress via Flickr///1971 Pierre Cardin via Vintage Patterns///Photo 3: 1970s Wedding Dress with turban veil via Pinterest///Photo 4: 1977 Alencon Lace Picture Hat via Tumblr///Photo 5: 1970s Nina Ricci for Vogue Patterns via Pinterest///Photo 6: 1970s Turtleneck Dress and Picture Hat via Pinterest////Photo 7: Monastic Vogue Pattern circa early 70s via Pinterest///Photo 8: 1976 Lace Dress with Portrait Collar via Tumblr///Photo 9:1970s Bride with Baby's Breath via Pinterest///Photo 10:1973 Seventeen Magazine Bride and Flower Girl via Tumblr///Photo 11: 1977 Pierre Balmain via Pinterest