Wednesday, November 22, 2017


Like the Macy's parade come every 4th Thursday in November, it's become a tradition here--my posting about the Thanksgiving wedding and the many details that go with.  I actually love the idea of getting married on Thanksgiving Day. The days before as well as the Friday, Saturday and Sunday after are times family are all gathered.  And that's the bonus of a Turkey Day Wedding--the guests and menu are all pretty much assembled.  If you want cozy nups with just family go ahead and opt for Thanksgiving Day.  Extend that invite beyond family and your wedding might conflict with most of your invited guest's family dinners.  Overall, a turkey dinner with all the fixings for the bride and groom and family gathered is a great way to combine your vows with that great family institution.
Above: What could be more symbolic of Thanksgiving than the harvest?  This bouquet of wheat by JL Designs says it all//Photos by Stephanie Williams Photography from the Vintage and Rustic Shoot//Dress by Amy-Jo Tatum//Below: A medley of Thanksgiving table chic, decor and autumn fashion.  Dress by Amy Jo Tatum