Thursday, September 7, 2017


Hat brides are not as much the exception to the rule anymore for topping it all off but they still create quite a stir.  Cocktail hats in particular are uber-chic and go with just about any dress.  These include pill boxes, toques, pancakes and beanies to name just a few and they remind me of the 1940s when hats were at their peak of fashion.  Small and brimless, these hats sit tilted or perched atop the head, usually accented with flowers or a spray of long feathers; a cover of net or nose veil typically wraps all or part of the face.  To add a touch of fun to a simple gown, cover a cocktail hat fully in marabou or ostrich feathers.  All cocktail hats look great with upswept hair and most silhouettes. BTW you don't have to skip the veil if you want to use a cocktail hat as a headpiece.  Just attach it t the veil and see what happens!!

Header Photo: The Pill Box Hat with French Netting///Photo by Strotz Photography//Hair by Intertwine///Make up by Audrey Mendoza Make Up
Photo 2: Tear Drop Hat with a cut velvet drape veil///Photo by Henley Photography
Photo 3: The GEZELIQUE Pancake Hat//Photo by Scott Williams Photography///Hair and Make up: Tricia Greenwood
Photo 4: The FLEUR Pancake Hat//Photo by Lirette Photography//Make up by Prettyologie
Photo 5: The GWENETH Pancake Hat//Photo by Lirette Photography//Make up by Prettyologie///Photo 6: The MOCHA Pancake Hat//Photo by Lirette Photography//Make up by Prettyologie

All hats by Amy Jo Tatum


Sheila said...

Very pretty. I think my favorites are the header photo and photo 3. But, deep down, I am still a fan of bridal veils, especially long bridal veils.
I am also a great fan of brides wearing long gloves, and I believe the long gloves worn in photos 2, 3, and 5, add SO much elegance.

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