. . . . So my mother used to tell me that at least once a day, and yes, she thought a bit of meringue showing beneath the hem was gauche.  If only she could see the dresses I design now; many are thought out to intentionally have a bit of lace or crinoline showing.  I'd say this look is borrowed from 19th Century Can Can dancers and/or 21st Century brides finding a little slip sexy.  I've found though, this tends to be a look brides particularly zone in on or totally wipe off their radar screen.  How about you?  A little slip peeking out of that silk hem or not . . . .?

 Gowns by Amy-Jo Tatum
Photo Credits
Header Photo by S1 Studio
Photo 2 by Smoot Photo
Photo 3 by by Bride Chic 2011