Wednesday, May 31, 2017


I have to laugh! A few years back some group on Pinterest invited me to post onto a very glam board for chic wedding pros.  I took up the challenge and contributed lovely images to the ultra-glam board every day--something I'm pretty religious about unless it's the heavy duty end of bridal season when I'm too busy to breathe.  After a few months of pinning I found myself kicked off the chi-chi board with all the elan wedding pros.  Apparently my posting everyday was spammy to these folks.  Oddly, somehow, all my pins and my pins only were left on the board which I immediately titled, The Best of Bride Chic.  So there you go!  Here is the best of the last few years.

 Photo 3: Fantasy Garden Shoot//Cherie Hogan Photography
 Photo 6: La Boheme Bride
 Photo 7: Boho Beachy Styled Shoot//Maz Photography
Photo 8: La Boheme///Photography by Grace Kathryn//MUA and Hair by Julie Morgan


La Fantaisie said...

Really lovely pics of wedding gowns. When we search our old stuff it really feels good.

1stbridesmaid said...

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Brittany said...

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essay best said...

Thank you dear, i happen to be a wedding planner and get so much inspiration from your blog so would like to thank you for sharing your brilliance with us. Keep it up

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