Tuesday, April 18, 2017


More likely to be found in an exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, I don't think you'll find these gems in your favorite designer's flagship store.  Believe me, this medley of paper dresses are indeed works of art that have my undivided attention.  Art to Wear exhibits can be truly fascinating; the spectrum of ideas you'll find will amaze and inspire you to be a little bold and get you thinking outside the box on your wedding day  

 Header and Photo 1 via Imgur
 Photo 2 via Pinterest
 Photo 3 via Coroflot
 Photo 4 via Hative
 Photo 5 via Pinterest
 Photo 6 via You Tube
 Photos 7 and 8 via Sabetudo
 Photo 8 via Pinterest
 Photo 9 via Pinterest
 Photo 10 via Flickr


Ashley said...


La Fantaisie said...

Wow! Art has many faces and one of the beautiful things I have seen in the wedding gown world are these paper made dresses.

Elsa Bannister said...

Wow, these are pretty mindblowing!

I was wondering if you could help me with something I am looking for.

I am currently writing my vows and am looking online for some articles for help.

Mostly I am finding articles like this: http://farewellfiance.com/modern-wedding-vows/

They are very helpful but what I really want to see is some real life transcripts (I'm not very creative without a concrete example)

Do you have any recommendations?

Unknown said...

Beautiful and Elegant Pictures of Bridal wear with paper. The work is so good that all dresses are very nice. Thanks for sharing these pictures with us..Keep blogging.

Sheila said...

Paper or not, I think photos 4 and 6 are brilliant examples of style.

Alia parker said...

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