Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Yesterday we focused on the different ways of going green on your wedding day.  I mentioned thrift stores and flea markets as two sourcing grounds for the brides who love creating free form pieces.  What happens when you source and recycle?  You get those one of a kind dresses you just can't find anywhere else, creating treasure from someone's cast off fabrics, trims and laces.  
 I also pointed up in yesterday's post, brides who wear these one-off gems are pretty unique themselves, searching online for something  different, playful, daring, sweet and sexy all at once.  You'll be surprised to find salvage chic surprisingly affordable.  The fabrics and trims have been rescued and any additions are usually inexpensive.  Construction is more free than say a couture dress that requires hours of painstaking detail in the finest materials.  Raw edges, as well as an overall tattered appearance are not only acceptable on upcycled garments but sometimes an integral part of the design.  As one designer put it, "We embrace the tattered and disheveled quality of vintage materials and try to imbue each garment with the spirit of using what is already out in the world. If you're cool with unfinished, raw edges, asymmetry, and wearing fabrics that possess a unique history, then we're cool with you! We fit best with Shabby-Chic, Undone Romantic, Outdoor, Whimsical, Country, Avant Garde wedding and everyday aesthetics. 

To see more of what upcycled looks like my UPCYCLED Pinterest board is a great example and starting point . . . .
Photos by Bride Chic//Upcycled Bustier by Amy-Jo Tatum