Tuesday, November 25, 2014


 Last week I counted up the many dresses, hats, veils and headpieces in my collection made of tulle and have come to the conclusion I must really, really, really love it. Mere wisps or yards and yards of the stuff, this-- the absolute sheerest of all fabrics--is ethereal to the touch and just so gosh darn gorgeous.  Brides love it in everything from one layered veils to gathered skirts in many yards. If you look closely tulle is even more versatile and can be used to create some awesome special effects on bodices, sleeves and gauntlets . . . .
A storybook classic is the full tulle skirt with a long train.  Both versions above are a ballgown silhouette evoking the corps de ballet kind of romanticism of wedding dress skirts in all their glory . . . Photo 1: The Sabrina Dress//Strotz Photography////Photo 2: The Rose of Sharon Dress///Studio 7Teen Photography
The Angelique Dress--Asymmetrical tiers of white tulle bordered with Chantilly lace.  Again, the long train and tulle is perfect for it.  Photo by Grace Kathryn Photography
The Beatrix Dress--A ballet length circular skirt of layers of ivory tulle.  The combo of the bias cut and softness of the tulle make this dress move beautifully . . .Photo by Diana Maire Photography
 The Yolanda  Dress--Up close and personal, shirred tulle over Chantilly lace makes for a beautiful bodice treatment.  Photo by John T Photography
Shirred tulle here creates removable gauntlet sleeves with soft blue and gray undertones. The tulle skirt has dappled rose petals.  The Rochelle Dress//Photo by Lirette Photography

 Not just for skirts and bodices, tulle is widely used for making headpieces and veils.  Above is a one thing I adore designing and making--a headpiece of ivory tulle fashioned into a head pouf//Photo by Jim Vetter Photography
 Above: A one layer drop veil bordered in Chantilly lace and a long pouf veil tacked to the back of a bun. Below: Tulle covered picture hat dappled with hand rolled silk florals.  Photos by Pixamage

Top Photo The Madelyn Dress///Photo
All dresses and headwear by Amy-Jo Tatum

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