Monday, August 4, 2014


Customizing a gown is one way of fusing your individual stamp so that design is all yours!  Take a very simple sheath or A-line, add a detachable train or overskirt and adorn it with embroidered ribbons and handmade florals.  Viola! You have a customized gown.  This isn't the only route to customizing.  You can go for a removable shrug that adds sleeves, a capelet that looks like part of the gown or a lightweight overdress you doff come reception time.  Believe me, your possibilities are endless here. Some brides opt for the most basic gown like I described then take it to the dressmaker or designer to get it personally customized?  And how is customizing your gown different than a custom made gown?  A custom gown is made from scratch, that is, you and the designer working with a pattern and raw cuts of fabric to create it from the ground up.  Customizing a ready-made gown is different.  It involves remodeling and/or embellishing one already put together. It can be store bought, sewn or inherited as long as it’s fairly basic and free of mass adornment.  
 Above: A basic sheath//Below: The same sheath accessorized with a detachable train, hand made flowers and sprigs of ivy . . . .

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