Tuesday, November 12, 2013


How about shucking the ordinary and going with something really different? Okay so, all one color can be magnificent on bridesmaids--no argument there but so can florals, checks, dots, tye dye and pretty much anything that isn't a solid color.  Once you fuse print into your bridesmaid scheme it's a cinch to tie it all together with bouquets and accessories.  There are a few brides mixing it up having the bridesmaid party wear different prints and textures.  And here's a point worth pondering: Print dresses are better candidates for actual rewear after the wedding and not likely to be found in the thrift shop a week after.
 The Glitz is on and these textured Gatsbyesque dresses would be ideal for bridesmaids in a more formal or evening wedding.
 CHECKS and plaids include these racetrack style black and white checks, gingham and certain plaids.   Checks because they're bold need a carefully planned out silhouette to make them work.  Above boasts a simple A-line cut--a sure bet for most shapes and figures.
  Polka dots are just so much fun! I totally adore these gals in navy and white with red accessories and bouquets tying everything together.
 Florals are ever romantic and you can actually blend different patterns.  Flowers carry a certain femininity  that goes hand and hand with weddings.  Above the bridesmaids are all in similar patterns that  play off each other yet totally compliment.
 Stripes can be wide or narrow and they do add that clean element to a look that seems to tie everything together.  Not all bridesmaids can get away with donning stripes though. Shorter, curvier figures would do better in thinner, smaller stripe patterns.
Top Photo: Gray dresses via Nordstrom
Photo 2: Sparkle dresses via Style Me Pretty
Photo 3: Checked dresses via Bomb Shell Bridal
Photo 4: Polka dot dresses via Wedbook
Photo 5: floral dresses via You Mean The World To Me
Photo 6: Striped dresses via Green Wedding Shoes


Lilli said...

Hi Amy! It is really original to make wear printed dress to bridesmaid. At least the dress could be reused after it. Stripes and monochrome are the ones I can see perfect in alternative. Kisses dear! xo

Sakuranko said...

I love it the dresses of the first pic sweetie~


S said...

I think bridesmaids in the 1st pic are just perfect, simple and chic!


Sam said...

The second dresses are so beautiful, more my style! Thanks for stopping by sweety!

Kate Sullivan Corpuz said...

I wish I'd styled my bridesmaids in different dresses, it was just getting popular when I got married.

always, koru kate

Marcy | Roses and Lace said...

I love the grey dresses! x