Monday, October 21, 2013


Good Monday loverlies!  Over the weekend I was surprised to find one of my Pinterest photos repinned with almost the same fervor anything hinting Downton Abbey was last season.  This is all because a couple years back I did a styled shoot called, Out Of A Jane Austen Novel and one of the featured dresses (Margaret) went wild. Enduring is a good word to describe this author and any one of her characters (and apparently whatever they wear). How many Austenofiles are out there pinning lace and bonnets to their hearts' content? Plenty. Get a load out of some 'Everything Austen' titles I found:  Jane Austen Obsession, Everything Jane, Austin Stuff I Love, On Becoming Jane and the list goes on . Add to that there are not only Pinterest boards devoted to Jane Austen but entire sites!  I thought today I'd  share the kinds of inspirations that lead me to design the three dresses that Lizzy, Jane and Emma would have loved.  
I have to add a few last words here . . . . Populating this literary icon's romantic novels live women that have endured the centuries.  Part of the continuing lure of Jane Austen is her excellent delivery of strong female characters--something we all love and admire and yes, want to emulate.  Below are a few sites about Jane, her era and writing you'll find worth checking out

English Historical Fiction Authors
The Republic of Pemberly
Jane Austen' World
Jane Austin Fashion: Fashion and Needlework in the Works of Jane Austen


Header Photo: From The Jane Austen Festivl in Bath, via Tumblr
Photos 2 and 3: Via The Dear Lillie Blog
Photo 4: The Lizzy Gown by Amy Jo Tatum
Photos 5 and 6: The Cabbage Rose Picture Hat//The Margaret Gown  by Amy Jo Tatum
Photos 7 and 8: Shoes via Simply Chateau Blog//Photo by Eugenio Recuenco   via The Silent Storyteller
Photo 9: The Jayne Gown  by Amy Jo Tatum


The Dainty Dolls House said...

Beautiful, it would be wonderful to have a dress in this style, so stunning x

Peter Greenaway said...

Always great to read a nice blog and see these stunning pictures. Vintage themes have been very strong this year and are set to be more popular next year. Downton Abbey is very popular and also the re writing of the Jane Austin novels will also inspire future events.Benjamin Adams and Diane Hassall shoes have always been vintage inspired and i was very happy to see the lines for 2014 being very much still vintage.

Grace Community Garden said...

Beautiful dress--and love your correlation to Jane Austen!

Ashley said...

I adore anything Austen! Lovely dresses