Think bridal and those ribbons and bows can play a big part in the adornments department. They can add real style and versatility to a dress whether tied front or back at the waist and/or in the case of some of these designs, placed just about anywhere .  .  .
Header Photo: Via Tumblr
Photos 2,3, and 4: Gold gown by Zuhair Murad via Tumblr//Bow back closure & halter neck by Valentino //Boat neck with bow by Valentino
Photo 5: Gloves via Valentino
Photos 6 and 7: Vera Wang gown via Zsa Zsa Belliago Blog//Sheath with back bow by via Pinterest
Photo 8: Gown by Vera Wang via In Good Taste
Photos 9 and 10: Bouffant gown via Tumblr //Gown with imported waist ribbon by Amy-Jo Tatum//photo-Lirette Photography

Photo 11: Dress by Alexis Mabile Haute Couture via Tumblr