Monday, July 1, 2013


I'm loving how these two colors interelate.  Cranberry is the shade my favorite lipstick and citrus.  Purple is one of those colors with so many different variations.  Like blue and green you'll find a real range of monochromatics to play with.  It's a color associated most with flowers (Violets, lavender, lilacs), sunsets and in some cases, water.  Purple was once the color of high clergy and royalty because only the nobles could afford the dyes that once upon a time were so hard to come by.  Purple was one of the colors I incorporated into the scheme of my own wedding.  The family tartan was green, purple and yellow which made for an interesting palette. 
Photos 1 and 2: Purple dress by Marchesa via Tumblr///Nail art via
Photo 3: Dress by Giorgio Armani via Tumblr
Photos 4 and 5: Woman in Hermes fedora via Tumblr///Natalia Vodianova | Ph. by Steven Meisel
Calvin Klein Euphoria Spring/Summer 2011 Campaign via Mode Ave Paris
Photos 6 and 7: Purple onions via Tumblr//Lilacs via Tumblr


Ashley said...

Such a pretty palette

The Dainty Dolls House said...

These are gorgeous colours together, so rich and deep. Love them. Stunning pictures. Have a great day doll xx

A Very Sweet Blog said...

Now that's a different twist! I love the colors together.

Anonymous said...

I love purple ;) This colour is amazing!

I am following you beautiful blog and hope you follow back

Unknown said...

Hello, gorgeous color palette!

always, koru kate

Unknown said...

OMG! This color is amazing! love love love!