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 Once reserved  for the informal wedding, short veils are not only chic for the most casual civil ceremony, we've been seeing them at many ultra-formal weddings lately.  This is partly because poufs and cages can be elegant and easy to wear all at once--no lugging around that excess tulle come reception time.  Also when brides first started sporting them a couple years back, they were a new and different statement away from the traditional veil..  Believe me, I had a ball designing these small confections of net and tulle and they're some of my all time favs . . .

 Scott Williams
Header photo: The bubble cage of Russian netting, still popular this year with the more modernistic bride wanting to add some edge to her look.  Directly above: The floral cage, a favorite of vintage brides everywhere.

I'd call the petal veil above a cage as long as the blusher is pulled over the face. Ivory tulle with  florals dappled  front and back . . .

Above: Three hand rolled silk dupioni roses and a nose veil of Russian net.  Below: A pouf of gold netting,  for the diva bride

Make up by Pretty Girl

Above: Chanel-inspired white jeweled shantung bow with eye veil. Below:  A large gardenia wrapped in Russian net.

Scott Williams

Another vintage gem, 'Two Roses'  matches up easily with any lace or dress belonging to the ages

All head wear and gowns by Amy-Jo Tatum Bridal