Tuesday, September 14, 2010


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How come I haven't addressed this subject before? Putting together a hot trousseau is a fun part of the whole crossing the threshold transition. Trousseau defined is simply a new wardrobe or special pieces for the bride to see her through wedding, honeymoon, and first days as a newlywed. If you're honeymooning in the tropics or anyplace casual and sunny, Charlotte Chen's Dysfunctional Bamboo label of hand-painted and dyed silks are the perfect vacation clothes. Made out of 100% silks they travel light. Go ahead and premiere these on your honeymoon but once you get home, wouldn't any of these be great show stoppers at a summer art reception?


Kristi said...

STUH-NING. I'm loving the patterns this year - not exactly floral and not exactly paisley... kind of sketchy and boho. These pieces are gorgeous.

Ashley said...


Ola said...

hey! i've just looked at you blog and i love it! great pictures.

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