Saturday, February 28, 2009


Ever hear of a coffee table magazine? Eureka! I found this season's issue of Real Simple Weddings, and christened it just that. From the quality paper stock on which it is printed to the stunning photos of gowns within, get this and you're in for a real treat.
So what makes Real Simple Weddings more fine art book than magazine? For starters they've replaced all those in-your-face ads with thoughtful editorial; Real Simple covers everything to do with your wedding from timeline, budget, ceremony, attire, flowers and more. Especially awesome is the Attire Section. There's a lay out starting with how to find the right gown for your body type. Moving on, you're guided through gowns by season, the how-to of searching out the best accessories and one of the most helpful sections of all, 10 Common Attire Questions. While this feature is offered in every section, Real Simple keeps it just that and answers questions some books take paragraphs to cover and most mags only cover partially.

Living and breathing bridal fashion, I highly recommend this as a 'must have' for any bride-in-waiting, or those of us who appreciate looking at pretty things. It's that tangible piece of eye candy you can hold in your hands when you settle down for a cozy read.
So where can you find Real Simple Weddings? Try Barnes and Noble or any Crate and Barrel Store. Also check out their website. Happy Reading and love to hear any comments you might have on it.

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