Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Am I actually old enough to have a retrospective? Well, I'm young enough to remember the weddings of Diana Spencer and Carolyn Besette; old enough to remember Princess Margaret tie the knot with Lord Snowdon. Yes, these may be older photos but ones I still love to bring out and flaunt from time to time. I call this my black and white period. So whatta you think? Might these creations that came into my head some ten to fifteen years back still be fresh and inspiring to a new generation of brides . . . . ?

Anything strikes your fancy, feel free to contact me via email or phone (415.258.8204). We can update or brainstorm on any design outta your head or mine or both.


Sarah*Im Over It* said...

talent...talent...talent! I love the one in the middle with the white background! Beautiful. Vintage inspired pieces are so popular now so you are way ahead of your time! :)

Grace Community Garden said...

So beautiful~ every one of them. Feminine and chic... ahhh gorgeous!