Posh Girl Vintage has to be one of the most inspiring sites for a bride (or bridal designer for that matter). Recently I spoke with a vintage retailer here in San Anselmo who told me she couldn't keep dresses from this era in the store for more than a day. I can see why they get swiped up so fast. These silhouettes are incredibly feminine and glorify the female form to its best. Any of these dresses would be ideal for the more intimate wedding. Did you know there were about as many informal as formal weddings back in the days of Ike, early rock and Marilyn?

I remember my aunt's dress looked something like the one below. Though her ceremony was high Catholic, the dress wasn't a full formal. I think some brides--then and now--just feel more themselves in this length dress. Unfortunately, some of the dresses you see here have been sold--most though are still waiting for the right bride.

Posh Girl Vintage has just begun expanding a clothing line too. This means they'll be adding new reproduction retro vintage rockabilly and other style dresses. This is good news considering the 50s-60s silhouette is what most women are after when they order any hourglass silhouette.