I was so moved when I heard about what happened to the Nielson Family. On Saturday August 16, Christian and Stephanie Nielson went down in a private plane crash over Arizona. Both are fighting for their lives at the Maricopa Burn Center, Christian with burns over 30% of his body, Stephanie 80%.

The Nielsons have connected with us through the years via the NieNie Dialogues. Response from the blogging community to rally help has been enormous with efforts to arrange benefits and make donations. Want to know how you can help out? There is an entire directory of events you can participate on the Nie Recovery Blog, If you hit the benefit blog button, scroll down through a whole list of events and ideas for raising funds. There is also a recovery fund there you can donate to. Updates on their recovery can be followed at cjane run
Lastly, another way you can help out is by prayer. Prayer is powerful, and while we don’t know exactly why, collective prayer can be very healing. As a collective we are all praying for this beautiful family. Thus, prayer can have two very distinct parts: the meditative state where you connect with God, and the motivational energy which comes to getting out and doing something. After the out pour of concern I’ve seen over the past week to find care for these lovely people, I’d say prayer is instinctive.