Monday, July 7, 2014


Today we're focusing on the fine art of trains and how long yours possibly will be.  My rounds of the blogs and Pinterest have me seeing longer and longer versions even for the most casual backyardigan of weddings. Okay, so brides love 'em! There's something romantic about a train even if you are dragging a piece of fabric along the ground gathering dirt and God knows what else. Sweep trains are the shortest versions extending anywhere from 3-inches to a foot from floor length.  Chapel trains are a bit longer than that and Cathedral trains start about 3-4 feet from the floor and once they go horizontal can get  insanely long. Here are a few dresses with trains I've whipped up over the past year mostly out of tulles and silk chiffons.  And yes, most are absolutely dripping in lace . . . .
All gowns and headpieces by or available through Amy-Jo Tatum


Novarinna Tan said...

Love this classic wedding gown, esp the first look !

Chic Swank

Ashley said...

Trains seem so classic for the bride--these are stunning!