Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Here's a 2014 trend that'll have you swooning--Yes, tye dyed wedding dresses are here!  I remember the rush on tye dye back in the 1960s-70s but did I ever think I'd see tye dye return in the form of a bridal gown?  In the height of the hippie era tye dye was everywhere and worn by both men and women   Now in cotton, silk and rayon, this rainbow of color would be ideal for the adventurous bride wanting something different . . ..

Top Photo via Pinterest
Photo 2: Via The Berry
Photos 3 and 4: via Lindsey Thornberg

Friday, November 22, 2013


It's already Friday and here you all are looking for me!  Today, I'm over on One Wed Blog talking about best bets in head chic for winter brides. Not the traditional stuff but more like the oh la la you're seeing above and below. These beauties come from a little old Etsy store called,  Green Trunk Designs.  I'd call these creations half way between vintage and ethnic looking.  READ MORE . . . .  

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


I call this gem The Tsarina Wedding Cape.  If you're going to be getting married this winter and love the idea of being an ice princess this white suede cape (yes suede!) just happens to be one of my samples and is up for sale.  An added bonus is it comes with the faux moulton lamb hat.  The front of the cape is lined in faux fur and the collar has a wrap of marabou feathers.  The cape is knee-length and extends into a train in the back that can be bustled.  If you're going into a cold clime it's about as toasty warm as you can get. Intrigued?  I'll send on a few more photos. You can email me at amyjotatum@gmail.com and we can talk more . . . .
Photos courtesy Rob Martel

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Winter brides going vintage can not only create a magical wonderland but rock the ages as well.  Did you know Hollywood made use of all those gorgeous capes with hoods through the 1930s-40s?  Think movies like Anna Karenina and Catherine the Great. Friendly furs also play big in vintage winter wear.  Tibetan and Mongolian lamb are super trendy this year as are ostrich and marabou (feathers).  Plus accessories add that vintage look to just about anything--gloves in particular, the longer the better because they really keep the chill of your arms--especially if you're going sleeveless.  So if you love vintage and are a winter bride below you'll find a bit of inspiration to get you going . . . .
Small marabou stole by Sasso
Left: Winter Gasbyesque crushed velvet and Ostrich feathers by Joanne Fleming via Love My Dress//Mongolian Lamb wrap by Ralph Lauren
Lace and wool bridal cape by Melissa Rene Price
Bolero Sweater by Belinda Robertson//Dress by Art of Elegance by Elizabeth Emanuel 
Maybe more costume than vintage but this is certainly full Winter Wonderland regalia--Full length cape with fur hood via Wedbook

Monday, November 18, 2013


If you love a mix of rolling California hillsides and a heap of ranch elements today's feature is for you.  Captured beautifully by Ballad Hall of Ballad's Photography, she had this to say about shooting Kristal and Thomas on their special day, "This fabulous rustic chic wedding took place at the Historic Santa Margarita Ranch. You'll see quickly why it is one of the most popular venues on the Central Coast of California with the gorgeous barn and rock walls. Kristal did a perfect job with the details and really made this the wedding of my season! "





Thursday, November 14, 2013


 Winter pastels were the thing when I was in high school. This meant sweaters, plaid skirts, mufflers and gloves in  lavenders, pinks and of course blues. Looking at the inspirations here, pastels could be just the thing for this winter. I found the ice blue tones here a great add on for everything from decor, table settings to fashion.  

Photo 1: Redhead in a blue dress by Sarah Nouri via Fab You Bliss
Photos 2,3, and 4: Ice blue dress via Pinterest//Blue lanterns via Tumblr//Christmas Tree cake via Wedbook
Photo 5:Blue Taffeta Dress by Zac Posen Resort 2014 via Tumblr
Photos 6 and 7: Snowflake Heels via Your Beautiful Event//Blue Wedding Bonboneire via Australia Entertains
Photo 8: Jeweled Bouquet via Huffington Post
Photos 9 and 10: Blue Velvet Bridal Coat via Pinterest//Wedding Cake with Lovebirds via Pinterest
Photo 11: viTatler Russia 2011
Photos 12 and 13: Redhead in wedding dress by ersa-atelier-via Tumblr//Wedgewood Blue Cameo Cupcakes via Victoria's Kitchen

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


The obi effect on the back of this dress by Yumi Katsura makes it incredibly kimono-inspired

Some very important fashion is and has been based on the kimono.  I'm not talking only Asian fashion here; the world has adopted the kimono in it's many facets.  Fashion goes through eras where we're in love with kimono sleeves then ten years later it seems the wrap coat part of the kimono is all the rage!  These days evening wear and bridal is borrowing another essential element of the kimono: the obi (sash)--for me the most beautiful part of the garment because done right, the obi can be a form of bustle and God knows how I love those bustles.
Actually the story of the kimono is rather fascinating and has entire books devoted to the history of it.   In a nutshell the kimono is a traditional robe of Japanese dress.  Once worn daily by everyone in Japan from babies, geishas and samurai warriors--these days the majority of the Japanese reserve kimono dress for wedding and tea ceremonies.

One of my fave designers in the world and certainly respected as one of the best in bridal is Japanese designer Yumi Katsura.  Her creations are pictured in the images above where she's presented either a traditional version or has some beautiful details borrowed from the traditional kimono.  Katsura's site has a special section for brides looking to purchase a traditional kimono.
French designer Fanny Liautard has created a kimono out of crepe silk shantung
Dresses 1 and 3 via Harmony Wedding Dress.  Middle dress (via Gaia Online) actually has a bodice modeled after the happy coat a staple of Chinese wear--the sleeves have been modified from the kimono though.  
Here's a real hodge podge of design elements that only hint kimono (the sleeves) but definitely say wedding---out of crocheted doilies and tablecloths via Ahka Vintage