Defined, Boho is a fashion look borrowing from the peasant, early bohemian and hippie looks of the sixties. Boho can be earthy and ethereal all at once, with gowns sporting diaphanous fabrics topped off with head wreaths made out of fresh florals and greenery like ivy. Hitting its zenith in 2004-5, The Knot was categorizing Boho as a bridal style as early as 2000. Later actress Sienna Miller and Kate Moss brought the trend to the forefront. For me actresses like Carol Kane and Julie Delpy are naturals for this look too.

By the spring of 2005 Boho was all over New York and London. Prevalent in just about every High Street store, those donning this chic were dubbed "Siennas". If Dior's 'New Look of 1947' was a reinvention of elements from the Antebellum period, it seems Boho is 'Summer of Love' reborn.

So what does Boho have in common with bridal? Just take a look at the pictures directly above. Boho is an over-the-top romantic look and if weddings are anything they are just that. If you're into celebrating with a lot of green--both real and the eco-conscious kind, really think about this look if you haven't already incorporated some part of it into your wedding style.